Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices KC Realty in conjunction with Home Partners of America is offering a program to help individuals that would like to buy but for one reason or another cannot currently obtain bank financing. The program is fairly new and offers the ability for people to select a home they would like to buy and then have it purchased by an investor group. The purchase price for the future owner is set before they say yes and so is the monthly lease. If the future owner decides to participate, they will be leasing the home and at no time are they under contract to buy. The future owner can exercise their right to buy at anytime in the future (up to 5 yrs) and they will always know what the price will be.  It is a great program for people that cannot buy today but will be ready in up to 5yrs in the future. The details of the program are as follows:

Register and complete the FREE pre-qualification portion of the application using the link below.  This link connects me as the person to help locate the home. If someone does not use this link, I will not be helping them with the home search process.

If the future owner meets the preliminary qualifiers they can then progress to the paid portion of the application. It is $75 per household for all adults over 18 years of age.  The application fee will need to be paid online with a credit card.

The credit screening is non-refundable. Required documents include copies of pay stubs, tax documents, current bank statement with at least 2X the monthly rent amount in the account.  Each document is required to be saved individually as a PDF and uploaded labeled appropriately. Saving the documents individually will help speed up the underwriting process time.

Once the application has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent showing application has been received. If no email is received, the application was not submitted correctly.

If an email is received stating HPA is waiting on documents, please contact the help desk phone number and ask what is still outstanding and email that information to the email address provided by the representative of Home Partners.

Typically within 24-72 hours, a pre-approval will be sent. This pre-approval will need to be signed electronically accepting terms and conditions.

After accepting the terms and conditions, a confirmation email of approval and Home Partners will provide a firm home shopping budget.

I will act as the agent representing Home Partners of America and will help the future owner search the homes on for a match. 

Upon finding a home, I will setup the showings to help the future owner preview the property to ensure it is something that fits their needs. Once a match has been identified, the future owner must be willing to commit to signing a lease and paying the deposit in certified funds within 24 hours of the seller accepting the offer.

Concurrent to this, we will also identify what, if anything, needs to be changed with the home (i.e, new paint, carpet, kitchen appliances, etc). Home Partners is willing to make changes but please keep in mind that any improvements may affect Right To Purchase Price, and possible the monthly rent rates.

For buyers that cannot get approved for a loan, the Home Partners lease-purchase program is something they may want to consider. Use the the link below to select me as the agent to begin the process in helping you select your home. I am very familiar with the program and have already helped more than one person move into a home that they can buy when the time is right. Feel free to poke around on the Home Partners site so to get a feel for what the lease payments will be based on the different sell prices. 

Thank you for considering me to help you with your purchase!

Bruce Droge HPA Link